Re: zone alarm pro 4.5.x bug

From: charlie R (
Date: 02/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 08:51:19 -0500

Look for the link to the ZoneLabs User Forums inside the Help Files.
charlie R

"adf" <asdfwlkjsdd@lkjadsf.serseee> wrote in message
> i bought a 5-user license for this version & have hit a really
annoying bug,
> confirmed across several users/machines.
> I run a Win2K Server SP4 VPN server (PPTP) at the office. I also
> Win2K's offline folders feature, so whether or not I'm connected, i
have my
> drive mappings & those folders/files I've selected appearing as
though I am.
> The files get synced when i connect.
> when I connect to the VPN from my Win2K Pro SP4 system with ZAPro
running, i
> only see cached copies of any server that I have offline files from.
> others are OK. The easiest way to demonstrate is to run a "net view
> \\servername" at a prompt while connected. I should see a list of
> shared resources on that server, printers & all. And I do for most
of them.
> But if i have offline files on a particular server, i will only see
> shares i have offline files from. The only way to see all the
shares &
> truly authenticate & connect to others is to disable ZAPro. I might
be able
> to connect & sync a file or a few, but invariably it craps out &
says i'm
> offline again. It's just very flaky & will not stay
> connected/authenticated. Shut it down & i'm fine; re-enable it &
> screwed again.
> like i said, if i'm not using a particular server for offline files,
i have
> no problem connecting, enumerating shares, & accessing files. It
works the
> way it's supposed to work.
> this is quite annoying, because it essentially means i must disable
> firewall if i want a reliable connection & want to sync my files
over VPN...
> anyone know how to report these things to ZoneLabs? It's very
simple for
> someone to reproduce.
> i just got my key & have tried only with 4.5.538 and 4.5.538.001.