Re: Firewall Router for Dialup Network - Newbie Help!

From: Chuck (
Date: 02/21/04

Date: 20 Feb 2004 17:32:04 -0600

On 20 Feb 2004 01:32:42 -0800, (Tod Levi) wrote:

>I have a LAN connected to the internet. I am currently using ZA but
>would like the added protection of a hardware firewall. Shopping for
>one has left me utterly confused. It seems like all routers are geared
>for broadband, though some have a dialup connection also. Will I get
>the same functionality even though I have only a dialup (56K)
>connection? Can anyone recommend a router or steer me in the right
>direction? Is there a site with reliable hardware reviews?


There are three dialup routers that I am aware of:

I have personally used the SMC to manage my dialup connection, and
found it to be reliable and easy to setup.


Hawking WR254S:

To all three, you would need to attach an external V.90 modem. Get a
good quality self contained unit like a USR Courier - no WinModems
which require a software driver installed on your computer.

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properly, to keep yourself a bit safer.

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