Re: Norton Personal Firewall 2004 problem

From: BlueSky (
Date: 02/18/04

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    Date: 17 Feb 2004 19:03:01 -0800

    Big Mac <> wrote in message news:<>...
    > With the Norton Personal Firewall engaged, I cannot get any web pages
    > to display. "Page not Found" is what I get. I was able to get email
    > and usenet.
    Well, I'll just add my 2 cents worth. I have windows xp, and just
    bought and installed the Norton Internet Security 2004 (or some such
    name, it has the anti virus stuff and it has the Security stuff).
    Whenever I enable Security, same things happens - "page not found".
    Even when I enable Security and turn off everything under it, same
    things happens.

    > I've tried turning off Windows XP built-in firewall, in case of a
    > conflict. I've tried a few different toggles in the Norton Firewall.
    > I've rebooted several times and tried engaging unengaging several
    > times. No good. No web access.
    I spent a few hours fiddling with some of the rules and then put them
    all back to the state they were originally in.

    > Symantec has no free voice support. It is very expensive to call them
    > voice. No email support.

    I paid $10 extra for the Security stuff over just the anti-virus, and
    after the time I spent so far, and after reading the posts in this
    thread, I will just leave it disconnected. I don't have the time. I
    didn't have the time. I already put in too much time with this.

    Aside. Maybe 2 years ago I got E-Z trust for my old computer. I
    eventually added the firewall option for it. Never could get it to
    work, and finally just left that part disabled. Figured Symantec was a
    more solid brand name.

    I don't think things should be this way. Companies dump these
    ill-working programs on the public, with poor or even false
    instructions, which don't work anyway. The public as totally at bay,
    and thrashes around in the stuff. And Gates is hardly a saint in this
    matter either (Bless his five thousand million dollars in assets).
    Many hours of real frustration for many customers. Companies need to
    have freedom and not be oppressed. At the same time, that cannot mean
    doing what they do to the public. Since I may not be responding any
    more in this thread, let me just address a possible response. The
    customer should not have to know much at all about installation and
    setup and getting program to run. If the customer is required to know
    more, then it should be legally required that a statement to that
    effect is on the box or the product, or stated before one fills out
    the online credit card info. We want to stress free trade to the max,
    but not at this level of real nastiness to the customer. End of my 2

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