Re: Black Ice, Zone Alarm vulnerabilities spotted

From: Markus Kraus (
Date: 02/15/04

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 10:48:40 -0800

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 17:44:14 GMT, Duane Arnold wrote:

>"\"Crash\" Dummy" <> wrote in
>> eeye has issued preliminary alerts about Black Ice and Zone Alarm:
>> Description:
>> A remotely-exploitable vulnerability that allows anonymous attackers
>> to compromise default installations of the affected software and gain
>> the highest possible level of access (SYSTEM).
>> Black Ice:
>> Zone Alarm:
>That's why one should not use the default out of the box settings on any
>security software and configure the software to provide the protection.


A lot of people argue that it is possible to harden the OS by using
OS-builtin capabilities to make it less vulnerable to attackers, but
they also argue that this is a difficult thing to do and requires lots
of knowledge.

My point is that it very often requires at least as much knowledge to
configure the personal firewall right, and I wonder if the time
required to learn the personal firewall is probably better spent to
learn about those built-in OS capabilities, and learn to understand
TCP/IP and networking and stuff.

As the original posting shows, personal firewalls are not error free.
There is this theorem: Software has errors. Ergo: more software has
more errors. So the attempt to try and fix errors in the software (OS)
by installing even more software is a wong approach, at least to some

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