Re: Using Old OS for Security

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 02/15/04

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 18:45:30 GMT (M.G.) wrote in

> Hi there,
> I am a web designer and due to client needs, must use Windows OSs.
> BUT! I am not satisfied with the security issues surrounding Microsoft
> Products, and I hate their "patch" system.
> Would it be safer to use Win98 instead of a newer Windows OS?
> I ask because all of the tools I use (PWS, Dreamweaver, Flash,
> Photoshop, etc.) work with Windows 98. I figure the new
> viruses/worms/whatever are targetting the newer versions of Windows,
> especially XP. Also, an older OS has already been through the bug-fix
> stage; I am not comofortable being a guinea pig for new products.
> So, would I be better off using a flavor of Win98? If so, which one?
> And with what upgrades? What version of IE?
> Thanks,
> M.G.

I am a MS program developer using SQL Server, IIS, Visual,
etc, ect, on Win 2K and XP Pro. Get a cheap NAT router and get behind it.
You should forget about doing anything with a Win 9'x or the ME O/S,
because they are outdated technology.

You can get a router for $20 to $30 on sale.

You can go to the O/S and configure it *hardening* it to attack by
shutting down unneeded services/ports and or other things.

Use a third party FW and/or IPsec to supplement the inbound or outbound
protection of the machine behind the router.

You may want to use Active Ports and Process Explorer on a routine basis
and look around for yourself.

Use your common sense like keeping the O/S updated with critical patches
and other things where common sense comes into play.

use the Host

Secure IE and OE it is out there on Google.

SP2 for XP will be released soon, which has focus on XP's FW and IE and
security. You can check it out use Google

Duane :)