Norton Personal Firewall 2004 problem

From: Big Mac (
Date: 02/10/04

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 01:00:44 GMT

I use Windows XP home version on an Athalon 3200 computer.

I bought Norton SystemWorks 2004. All applications of it seem to work
just fine

Glued to the side of other box was a bonus - another box with Norton
Personal Firewall.

With the Norton Personal Firewall engaged, I cannot get any web pages
to display. "Page not Found" is what I get. I was able to get email
and usenet.

I've tried turning off Windows XP built-in firewall, in case of a
conflict. I've tried a few different toggles in the Norton Firewall.
I've rebooted several times and tried engaging unengaging several
times. No good. No web access.

Right now I am running the old set-up - Windows XP's firewall on.
The Norton Firewall is off, though some features of it still work.

Symantec has no free voice support. It is very expensive to call them
voice. No email support. A good website with support. Right now I
am trying to see if this "ccApp.exe, explained at the symantec website
as follows. But I don't know what "NIS" is. If it stands for "Norton
Internet Security", I cannot find that in my Norton Personal Firewall.

And I must add that this is a clean install from a CD, and not an
upgrade over any other firewall.

Any input is appreciated.

------------------ from symantec help page -----
To verify that a rule for ccApp.exe exists
Open NIS.
Double-click Personal Firewall.
Verify that a rule for "Symantec User Session" or "ccApp.exe" exists
in the list.

To create a rule for ccApp.exe
Open NIS.
Double-click Personal Firewall.
Click Add.
Browse to and select C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec
Click OK.
In the "What do you want to do?" dialog box, select Permit and click
The "Application Catagory" dialog box appears. Select General and
click OK.
--------------- end