Re: Zonealarm and LinkSys DSL/Cable Router

From: zenner (
Date: 02/09/04

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 20:09:58 GMT

1st, security and peer to Peer are mutually excluding.

2nd, since you chose to use P2P, you will need to configure ZA to allow that
application to act as a server, have access to the the pro
version that is possible, I don't know what is allowed (configuration wise)
with the free version.

3, switch all your discs over to NTFS, if you haven't already, then be very
diligent about setting access to specific ID's and remove everyone,
anonymous from anything you value.

4th, I am not a fan of P2P on thing that I rely on. If you insist, you may
want to build a "sacrificial" system...then limit all Open access to that
machine only, might even put it on a DMZ with separate subnet.

Just another opinion.

"Thrawn05" <> wrote in message
: I'm sorry in advanced if this has been addressed already.
: I'm using a LinkSys BEFSR41 DSL/Cable Router (Wired) and both machines are
: WinXP Pro using standard ZoneAlarm. I frequently shares files/folders and
: printers between the two as well as private P2P programs over my DSL line
: with my co-workers. I need to know how to keep the ZA firewall up and
: be able to share my files.
: I don't have the kind of money to get a hardware firewall router, but if
: there is a another software firewall that can let me do this (NOT Windows'
: firewall) please let me know.
: Thrawn05

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