Re: CheckPoint's Firewall-1 HTTP Security Server

From: Day9901 (
Date: 02/07/04

Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 23:44:52 +0800

Depends on the versio nyou are running:

1. 4.1 - you probably use it if you define server resource of HTTP server
2. NG (FP3, AI etc.) - you need to check Smart defense, better off uncheck
everything at this point to secure your stuff if applying patch is not
possible at thi time. BTW, you may want to go SecureKnowledge to look for
configure file definition there a config file that tell you whether you have
AHTTP process open or not and at what port.

Meanwhile, I would say Checkpoint did a bad job and make everyone at risk,
that sucks !

"Joel69er" <> glsD
> How can you tell if HTTP Security Server is installed?

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