Re: Opening Port 3389

From: Wolfgang Kueter (
Date: 02/07/04

Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 00:35:46 +0100

Keith wrote:

> We have VPN already but staff are mostly too incompetent to use it.

Force them to learn.
> A much simpler solution is if they can access Terminal Services over the
> internet. They get a full-screen desktop and it all looks just like it
> does when they are in the office - much neater for those who are useless.

And a much more insecure solution. If you can risk offering RDP Service
without any other security mechanism than passwords to everybody, well live
with the risk and hope that you have no clients/customers who just a little
are more concerned about security than you, they might do business with
someone alse in the future.

> TS over the net is a must for my users - I don't see another way around
> it.

Educated users.


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