Re: svchost.exe and the internet.........HELP!!

From: Mike (
Date: 02/06/04

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 17:05:01 -0000

"Neil" <> wrote in message
> Hi there
> I was wondering if someone could help me?
> A week ago, i installed broadband on my home computer (running Windows
> 2000). As soon as I was up and running I started getting this:
> "Svchost.exe generated an application error and will be closed by
> Windows. An error log is been genorated"


> It always happened a few minutes of been logged on, and it wouldnt let
> me disconect my modem, use ctrl C to copy, and my contol panel went
> haywire (all the icons moved to the left hand side of the window).
> I did a bit of wading around, to find a few other people were having
> the same problem. So I took there advice (the best I could, I dont
> really understand all the technical stuff),

That much is obvious. If you want the best and most honest advice, then I
have to say, if you don't know what you are doing and know enough to know
that then call in someone who does. Do this before you take advice from
strangers in newsgroups, mis-understand it and screw up your system.

You have a virus or two and it must cleaned before you try to install a
firewall and anti-virus software.

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