Checkpoint Firewall 1 evaluation/questions

From: Pascal Duchemin (
Date: 02/05/04

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:22:51 -0500


I am planning the install of a new network for a company.

Instead of going with ISA ( which I'm getting tired of ) I'd like to try
Checkpoint FW1 based on suggestions that I got from people in IRC.

However there are a few questions that I have before purchasing the product
and evaluating it :

Can I do all of the things I will describe below with FW1 ?
Is there a demo version of FW1 that I could test out ?

I have 2 choices ( hardware or software ) :
- Nokia IP130

We will have a server environment with :
1 email server ( Exchange 2003 )
1 Terminal Server
1 Application server

And multiple remote users in the US. All of them will be using VPN to
connect to the domain.
For the time being we will have about 20 users, and may increase up to 40

I will need the firewall to be able to :
accept incoming VPN connections
possibly "publish" a website that will be setup on the Exchange box for
users who would like to use OWA ( outlook Web access ) without using VPN
allow up to 20 concurrent VPN connections at the same time.

Thanks a lot .