Re: Firewall: router vs. software

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 02/05/04

Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 23:38:09 GMT

Leythos <> wrote in news:MPG.1a8b0d9f50be77e398a149@news-

> In article <499Ub.1417$>,
> says...
>> Pasted:
>> > Not everyone has unlimited dialing capability.
>> >
>> > ll
>> On a local phone call to your dial-up ISP that has a local dial-up
>> connection, I don't think so. At most, one would have to pay for the
>> amount of the data being downloaded.
> Actually, there are still metered plans where people pay per minute. In
> some countries the service is still by the minute.

This is about if you want to save time with long downloads from MS or
anyone else for that matter using a dial-up connection, then do it during
off peak hours.

I always did it when I was using dial-up at those times and it went a lot
faster slam, bam, thank you and it's over. Now, if someone has a
situation as to where they have to pay extra to use their phone service
to do it, that is tuff pay it and be done with it.

Otherwise, they can move lock, stock and barrel to Dayton, OH where it's
only a local call to an ISP like Netzero and be done with it as well. <g>

Either way, I don't give a damn. <g>

Do I need someone *cry* posting to me about it trying to prove some
little tired point about it?

Duane :)

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