Re: Firewall: router vs. software

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Date: 02/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 02:00:20 -0800

Hey, our cops aren't doing the job here in the U.S. Crime rate is on the
rise. Let's just dump the whole police force, as they seem to be useless in
their application. Do you see the problem with the logic here.

Even though it's not perfect, it still will catch some of the outbound
requests that otherwise would go unoticed w/o software firewall. Hey, it's
not perfect, but it is an added layer of security.

If it don't work, hit it.
If it still doesn't work, kick it.
If it works after hitting it and kicking it, then it doesn't matter if
hitting it or kicking it helped, what's important is that it works.
"Wolfgang Kueter" <> wrote in message
> wrote:
> > Wolfgang Kueter wrote:
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> >> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>> Blocking unwanted outbound connections is one thing Zone/Sygate/etc
> >>> good for.
> >>
> >>Wrong, they are useless for that.
> > Program "X", a trojan wants to dial the mothership.
> If the machine is infected with §MALWARE you cannot trust any piece of
> software (including those firewall placebos!) any more.
> > Most times Zone/Sygate/etc will catch the outbound request.
> There is no place for phrases like 'most times, sometimes, maybe, often
> in security.
> > Of course now it is in the hands of the user to make a smart decision,
> A firewall must not allow end user interaction.
> > which is where they do fall short.
> The fall short long before that.
> > Of course there are ways around everything.
> Therefore those tools are useless.
> Wolfgang
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