Re: CheckPoint FireWall

From: zenner (
Date: 02/01/04

Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 04:23:44 GMT

If the incoming connection works initially, the stops working, why do you
think it is a Firewall issue? Generally, firewalls do not stop a connection
that it allows, unless a rule is triggered. So, you need to heed the earlier
advice to look in your logs for an event or rule that may have caused the
firewall to block the connection.

The other issue would be to check your mail logs or OS system logs for a
resource problem one or both. If you are using Exchange, it is very possible
for MTA, in exchange 5.5 to stop delivering mail or a bad mail message to
affect delivery.

You need to do more research before condemning the Firewall as the culprit.
Once running, it is very seldom that the firewall will have spontaneous
problems, useless someone tampers with it. How is your access control?

"Jidohansha" <> wrote in message
: I have a CP fire setup and after about a day incoming e-mail stops.
: Our out going is fine.
: I even did a send myself mail test inside our LAN(we are running GPW5.5)
: What can I do to try to trace and fix this.
: Newbie to CP.
: regards,
: anthony

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