Two computers on DSL box

From: Yellowbeard (
Date: 02/01/04

Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 19:45:03 -0700

I have DSL
I use an Action tec DSL modem.
I have two computers, each connects to the box.
I share a printer with the other computer.
I use Tiny Personal Fire wall (full version) and Sophos Virus protection
with latest updates.

I am paranoid and read about IPsec in WinXP Pro.
I followed the instructions I read about running mmc and adding the IPsec.
Now the other computer can not see mine or the printer.
I removed IPsec and it still will not see mine.
I can see the other computer files and write, delete, as normal, but it can
not see mine.

How can I get the other computer to see mine and the printer again????

There are so many variables that I will probably have to provide further
I will be glad to provide what ever is needed.

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