Re: New program has full ZoneAlarmPro access but still won't connect with ZA on

From: Scott Wilson (
Date: 01/17/04

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 00:50:49 GMT

jbclem wrote:

> I have ZoneAlarm Pro 3.7 and just installed a new program that accesses the
> internet. I gave it full Access and Server rights, and I can confirm that
> in the Programs section. But it won't connect to it's servers unless I turn
> ZoneAlarm off. Then it works normally. I have this new program set to "use
> HTTP to connect" but that hasn't fixed the problem.
> I could use some troubleshooting suggestions as I am not very familiar with
> these issues.
> Thanks, John

Sir, can you post your ZoneAlarm log entries here for analysis? I'll be
happy to review them.