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Date: 01/06/04

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 01:10:59 GMT

On Tue, 06 Jan 2004 00:18:56 +0000, Leythos wrote:

> In article <>,
> jimwatt@aol.no_way says...
>> On Mon, 05 Jan 2004 17:22:50 -0500, Jim <> wrote:

> I use Windows XP Prof for my main workstations and laptops - it's easy,
> convenient, and secure. I use Windows 2000 Server and 2003 Server for my
> MS based platforms and Red Hat 9.1 for my Nix based servers.
> I have no bias for either platform, but I can say this - most "home"
> users would not benefit from a Linux system unless they were ONLY
> browsing the web and sending email. Linux require some technical
> experience for most users and while not anywhere near as large a target,
> it does have its holes.
> For what it's worth, if you run a Windows based system you don't have to
> hand anything over to MS, they just want to stop pirates with their
> activation system, but I can assure you that there is nothing funny
> going on - it would show in my firewall logs if there were.
> You might want to know that you can get MS Server 2003 and 10 licenses
> for XP Prof and Office 2003, project 2003, Visio 2003, etc.. on MS's
> site for $299... So, there you go, all the licenses and software you
> could need, for the cost of the OS alone.
> --

  Where did you find that? I just looked and got this...

Win Server 2003 = $1,199 Ref -
Office 2003 = $399 Ref -
Project 2003 = $599 Ref -
Visio 2003 - $199 Ref -
Win XP - $299 x 10 computers = $2999 Ref -

So, with standard editions that totals $5395. If all 10 computers need
Word and/or Excel then the total is $8995 just for software!

  Anyone who genuinly wants to save money should go Linux. You can buy
 1 copy of say, SuSE 9 for $79 and install it 10 times for the desktops plus
one more for the server. OpenOffice comes with it and can do 90% of what
Office does which is about 50% more than most people use. I admit Linux is
weaker in project management software. You may need wine (free and
included) to run Project. Dia and other diagraming programs may be
adequate but Visio is better so run that under wine also. That means you
will total $877 for the whole thing. Oh and you can run it on your
existing computers if they can handle Win98 or NT 4.0. No need for
expensive hardware upgrades. There will be some training costs but not
much. Linux can operate pretty much like Windows for office people if
desired and OpenOffice is too close to need explaining for most people.
Hire someone to setup wine so it launches Project and Visio correctly.
That will cost a few hundred in fees but you are still saving thousands!

  Oh yeah, you will also get the leading DNS software (BIND), leading web
server (Apache), leading e-mail server (Sendmail), a good firewall
(iptables) that will probably require hiring someone to setup but then all
firewalls should be setup by someone who knows what they are doing. You
also gain immunity from most (not all) viruses, increased reliability,
better user support and flexibility should your needs change. Both SuSE
and Microsoft are easy to update but SuSE needs it less frequently since
it is less of a target and arguably more secure.

  I used SuSE for the example but there are other distros that work as
well. RedHat has recently ditched the home user/SMB market for the
enterprise but you can buy/download RedHat 9 still.

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