Re: Software Firewall or NAT Router or Both?

From: K2NNJ (
Date: 12/15/03

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 04:12:01 GMT

I followed the instructions you gave. Port 80 and 113 are closed not
blocked. If I take the router out of the loop the ports are blocked.

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> > The Linksys Knowledge Base site appears to be down. Could you give me
> > step by step instructions for the DMZ and the DHCP IP.
> Go to the router Admin screen the Advanced Tab/DMZ Tab.
> Enter in but you would enter 254, since you cannot enter
> the other nodes of the 192.168.1 IP because that part is protected on the
> screen and it's implied that the other parts of the IP are 192.168.1.
> Then press the Apply button. You will not find this information at the
> Linksys site, because this is a *TIP* that was passed on to me as I am
> passing it on to you to block the ports on the router that didn't pass
> the Sygate test.
> >
> > Whatever I need to do to block those 2 ports. Feel free to e-mail
> > direct.
> >
> After you have done the DMZ thing above and checked the screen to make
> sure it's holding by coming out of the router Admin screens (basically
> logging out of the router) and logging back into the router and going
> back to the DMZ screen to see that the 254 held on the screen, you can
> then run the test at Sygate or any other testing site like PCFlank,
> Gibson's test site and the router will now pass the tests.
> I'll assume that you have changed the router's default factory password
> to access the Admin setup on the router to something else. You can search
> Google as well as the Linksys site for this information on *how to do
> it*.
> It don't take no rocket scientist to figure this stuff out! :)
> Duane :)