Re: Software Firewall or NAT Router or Both?

From: K2NNJ (
Date: 12/15/03

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 01:40:05 GMT

The Linksys Knowledge Base site appears to be down. Could you give me step
by step instructions for the DMZ and the DHCP IP.

Whatever I need to do to block those 2 ports. Feel free to e-mail direct.

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> > The only option I have for the DMZ is
> Well the router can work with 255 IP(s) being used to 255 computers
> requesting a DHCP IP or using one of the router's static IP(s) That's if
> you had 255 computers connected to the router with your home networking
> setup. You got 255 computers that you're trying to setup at home?
> I think the default out of the box DHCP IP is starting at
> and goes for about 50 IP(s) that can be issued via DHCP on the router,
> which can be set to its max of 254.
> You'll also notice that the devise IP of the router is which
> means that any of Admin screen on the router can only address or program
> an IP that's in the range of the device IP. -
> are the router's static IP(s) that can be used and -
> are the router's DHCP IP(s) that can be issued. Those are
> the *programmable* IP(s) of the router based on the base device IP. So,
> of course, if you change the device IP to another starting IP, the other
> IP(s)that the router can address through an Admin Screen will be based on
> it.
> Out of the box, the UPNP for any port is not enabled on the router. You
> would have had to gone to the UPNP Admin screen and *enable* UPNP on a
> port. So, if you have not done that it is not enabled.
> Once again, if you want to pass the Sygate test put a dummy IP into the
> DMZ ADmin screen and press the Apply Button to enable it. Then the router
> will pass the test.
> Support\Knowledge Base and ask any question or search for
> the *how to(s)* concerning the functions of the Linksys routers. Also
> Google as well.
> Duane :)