Re: modes of ADSL router

From: Giel (
Date: 12/12/03

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:28:38 +0100

"B.T." <> wrote in message
> Hi everybody.
> Two cases:
> a) In home: One computer and an ADSL router. In this case your router is
> configured so that the public ip address is on the computer.
This is called bridging, you yust use the modem in the router.

> b) In an office: Several computers plugged in a switch, and one router.
> the public ip address is on the router.
now you're routing

> My questions are these:
> 1. How do you say the mode of the router for the case a)?
> 2. And for the case b)?
bridge (-ing) / route (-ing)

> I just need the names of both modes because I'm from Spain and our name
> hasn't translation into English. And I need the English names in order to
> look for information on the Internet and guides.
> Thank you
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