Re: Questions about NPF 2004

From: P Gentry (
Date: 12/10/03

Date: 10 Dec 2003 09:05:08 -0800

"Guess Who" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Having installed and uninstalled NPF 2004 twice, I'd rather have it
> installed, but find several annoyances ...
> 1) Why are there so many extra processes running in the background?

Try this to get an idea of what is gong on:
These are OS sevices; Norton adds a number of others, many of which
are run at boot. Check other areas of the site for fuller
explanations / suggestions.

> 2) I have enabled the advanced features to detect when programs run other
> processes that access the internet. It seems every time I reboot my
> machine, I have to go through all the warning alerts again for all the stuff
> I previously allowed in. Most annoying is the live update check which runs
> when the machine boots up, and checking my email with Outlook 2003. Does
> this list of allowed modules reset every time I reboot? I noticed that once
> when accessing the list, when I attempted to close it, it crashed with the
> WinXP "This program needs to close" dialog. When I checked the list again
> it was blank.
> 3) Is it wise to keep the 2 advanced settings off? (They are off by
> default)

Will be installing NPF and NAV (part of SystemWorks install) later
this week. I'm new to these products on XP, so I'll return / post
here if anything relevant shows up. Switched to Linux before XP and
I'm a bit behind on Win setups these days -- Linux is sooooo superior
for network use. But I do keep Win on disk for non-network use.

Curious, you did not say why you uninstalled / re-installed NPF. If
not done properly, it can create problems. I'm having a hell of a
time uninstalling NAV2003 before proceeding with NSW install. Be sure
to comb the Symantec KB for articles -- it's amazing how many things
can get out of whack with these Norton progs!

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