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Date: 12/08/03

Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 07:49:43 -0700

Charles M. Elias wrote:

> All,
> After viewing the posts to this group for several weeks, I am
> convinced that I should buy a cable router with a firewall for my home
> computer. I am currently using Norton Internet Security 2004, but I
> would like the additional security provided by a router with a
> firewall. I am hoping that I can use both NIS and the router firewall
> without problems.

I hope you can too: if you couldn't, that would mean either symantec or the
router company are incompetent. Odds are, there's no reason you shouldn't
be able to use a router with a software firewall, so long as, like i said,
the companies aren't retarded in their design of those items. I know
Symantec isn't stupid...

> I will be running only one computer on the
> router--I will be using it only for its protection capabilities.
> While I am reasonably computer literate, I am router/firewall
> illiterate. I can find plenty of cable/dsl routers, but I am having
> trouble with some of the terminology used to describe their features.
> For example, what is a VPN firewall?

It's a firewall router that has VPN tunnelling abilities. Trust me, if you
don't know what it is, you don't need it (yet). With the amount of
features they put on routers these days, almost all of them have that

> I don't even know what VPN
> means, so a VPN firewall is a mystery to me. OK, so I can find VPN
> with a Google search, but I would still like an explanation from some
> of the experts on the meaning of "VPN firewall" and whether they think
> it is suitable for my need.

You don't need VPN if you don't know what it is, like I said, but I think it
would be rare to find a firewall router without that feature, so please
read above on my rant.

> Best regards,
> Charles

As an opinion only, I recommend the Linksys Firewall router (4 port
version). I think you need more than one port, just in case you buy
another computer or have a LAN party at your home.

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