Linksys RV082 - DON'T buy one...yet

From: David (
Date: 12/05/03

Date: 5 Dec 2003 14:13:39 -0800

I am getting ready to package up and send back my SECOND RV082 VPN
router/firewall purchased from Amazon. I was really looking forward
to getting this piece of hardware installed, as it offers a great
feature set at a great price.

The main reason I bought was the price and the fact that this firewall
unit can handle 1 to 1 NAT. Unfortunately after spending time
configuring it, when I went to my data center to install it didn't
work exactly right. When trying to perform some last minute tweaks,
the unit basically crashed. This was the second time this happened,
and both times Linksys technical support said that it's a hardware
failure, there's nothing we can do for you and you must send the unit

Well, 2 times in a row is enough for me. I'm going to go with a
Sonicwall I think. I think that the problem is this device is just
too new and I've become a beta tester! They don't even have any
firmware available for download, it's only the version that came
preinstalled (version ONE!!!)