Firewall dont work if your computer is already hacked

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Date: 12/03/03

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 21:59:17 +0300

> I use ZoneAlarm Free Edition (my financial situation doesn't allow me
> spend so much money at this moment). I've heard that ZA takes up too
> system resources. I just want to get rid of ZA, can you guys give me
> which firewall (free edition) would be a best option for me ? I've
found so
> many reviews about whole bunch of firewalls on the internet, and all
of them
> are quite different... 200 people say Sygate is the best option, 100
> say that's Kerio, other bunch of people say it's Outpost... I really
> know what to do at this point. I've also heard, that some of those
> firewalls gives their users problems if they use them on WinXP...
> My system runs on Windows XP Home Edition SP1, it's AMD Athlon XP
1700+ and
> I'm connected to internet by Rogers HIGH-SPEED CABLE INTERNET (10.0
> 24/7
> Thanks in advance for your answers !!!
> Regards !

First, if ZA works for you then why change it. If you are having
problems I could see switching, but I would guess that you are not
having problems and are just wondering about things that people post

The free version of Zone Alarm has never caused me a problem because
coming from a home computer user, there is nothing to configure except
applications like your Email client, Browser, MIRC, Pirch and so on.

Second, if you really want to be safe, then get a router - most places
sell them for $50 and they prevent all the inbound traffic from reaching

you. If you have the router + ZA then ZA will not use hardly any
resources as it won't have to defend you against uninvited intruders -
the router will stop them.

With a always-on connection, if you have a router you don't have to
worry about misconfiguring your personal firewall. With a router you
don't have to worry about uninvited hackers/worms, they are stopped at
the router (Keep in mind that none of the routers are firewalls, they
just have some firewall "like" features).

If your on a Windows Platform and disabled the Services that Windows
leaves open, a router will not keep your computer secure from hackers, I
know, have the facts and evidence of this.
Want to fight me, go for it and I will expose every malicious hackers
tricks around, go for it.

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