CheckPoint - API Question

From: John Guilbert (
Date: 10/31/03

Date: 31 Oct 2003 01:21:52 -0800


I have just found documentation to CheckPoint's API for Third-Partyt
Authentication. I wonder if anyone out there has set this up. I use a
piece of software called SOFTID which I wish to use as my
authentication method.

Following the instructions I added the "guilibs" line in userC.C.
My_DLL was the name of my C++ DLL in the appropriate directory:

        :options (
                :default_key_scheme (isakmp)
                :connect_mode_erase_pwd_after_update (true)
                :active_resolver (true)
                :resolver_ttl (0)
                :resolver_session_interval (0)
                :silent_topo_update (true)
                :use_entelligence (false)
                :manual_slan_control (true)
                :encrypt_db (false)
                :gettopo_port (264)
                :force_udp_encapsulation (true)
                :no_clear_tables (false)
                :disable_stateful_dhcp (false)
                :allow_clear_in_enc_domain (false)
                :use_ext_auth_msg (true)
                :use_ext_logo_bitmap (true)
                :pwd_erase_on_time_change (false)
                :enable_kill (true)
                :sdl_max_wait (-1)
                :ChangeIKEport (true)
                :topology_over_IKE (true)
                :mac_xlate (false)
                :mac_xlate_interval (90)
                :connect_mode (true)
                :block_conns_on_erase_passwords (false)
                :disable_mode_transition (true)
                :connect_domain_logon (false)
                :sdl_main_timeout (60000)
                :show_disabled_profiles (false)
                :silent_update_on_connect (false)
                :stop_connect_when_silent_update_fails (false)
                :go_online_days_before_expiry (0)
                :go_online_always (false)
                :slan_enabled (true)
                :use_cert (false)
                :pwd_type (true)
                :no_policy (false)
                :support_tcp_ike (false)
                :support_ip_assignment (true)
                :FTP_NL_enforce (0)
                :allow_unsigned_topo (false)
                :keep_df_flag (true)
        :guilibs (
                : ("c:\windows\system\mydll.dll")
        :profiles (
                :active_profile ("US VPN")
                : ("US VPN"
                        :attributes (

Is this format correct? It keeps telling me the userc.c is corrupt!


John Guilbert.