Re: firewall appliance and software/hardware combination

From: aldo (
Date: 10/27/03

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 01:41:03 +1100

WatchGuard Firebox, alright, I am going to find this.

For VPN, i think i will put this to next shedule.

Thank you!!!

> If you've got 50 hosts behind the network, then I would suggest that you
> install a hardware based firewall device.
> While a router would work, it won't protect the network from the users.
> If you get something like a WatchGuard Firebox 700 or 1000 you can
> protect them from email virus's, bad web sites, and even do content
> filtering.
> On top of that, you can setup remote VPN connections to the firewall and
> allow workers to access the network in a secure manner from remote
> locations.
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