Re: firewall problems

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 10/19/03

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:46:17 GMT

"\"Crash\" Dummy" <> wrote in news:vp60c6jog3h278

>>First of all, one shouldn't be using the vulnerable MS O/S of any flavor
>>on a machine as the gateway device to the Internet on a network. The MS
>>O/S is too vulnerable too attack.
> Gosh! Really? Can you point me to a site that lists and demonstrates ICS
> vulnerabilities?

I think you'll find a site or two if you look. I do know about a Baston
Host, I do know that the average home user that would use a MS O/S machine
as a gateway device has not done his or her home work with the proper
things that must be done to *harden* the O/S from attack.

I know that most that are doing this kind of thing are setting out there
running with an Admin Account or worse yet, trying to do it with a root
based O/S such as Win 9'x or ME. The list goes on and on and I would never
do it knowing now what this NG has taught me.

The best approach as it has been put to me is to keep things simple. And
the simple thing to do is get behind the protection of a router and let it
be the gateway device and let it protect the network.

It's only advise and one can take it or leave it -- just don't come back to
the NG saying I have been hacked. :)

Duane :)

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