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From: john dobbs (
Date: 10/09/03

Date: 9 Oct 2003 12:56:07 -0700

"Beoweolf" <> wrote in message news:<Wrehb.10725$>...
> I agree. Once installed, properly configured and is probably
> "the" premier commercially firewall/VPN product solutions available. It can
> be configured to allow or block most anything traversing any network,
> internal or internet. The price you pay is a very steep learning curve, not
> to mention the tariff to acquire the product in the first place.
> Due to its flexibility, it can easily be misconfigured. The full install
> product is not a product I would recommend for a first time security
> analyst. It does have an extensive "ala carte",cafeteria style licensing
> plan. The annual cost can increase exponentially when you add in support
> contracts, product fees and occasional Contractor security evaluations.

How is it better VS PIX,NETSCREEN etc..

Any firewall thats configured properly will prevent traffic going in.
what is so special about checkpoint that PIX,NETSCREEN,etcc cannot do?
FW-1 just sounds like another stateful firewall with application
fixups. (ie h.323 etc.. support)

provide some details regarding what makes checkpoint FW. I am open to
any technology but I need to see some supporting evidence making FW-1
the best firewall in the market.

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