checkpoint confusion help.

From: Goorf (
Date: 10/09/03

Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 23:24:38 -0400

how do you buy a checkpoint firewall with the application protection? when I
go to a reseller site it looks like a 4 page restaurant menu where
everything is ala-carte and all I want is a box that will plug in to the
network and provide firewalling and application level protection.

with the cisco pix its pretty easy all I had to do is choose one of 5 models
and UR or R (failover vs non etc) wait for delivery open box, plugin and

but this checkpoint stuff looks like a maze of confusion do I have to pay to
get something like PDM 3.0? can I just order a hardware unit, plug into
power, plug ethernet and https://xxx to the checkpoint and manage? and how
does licensing work do I have to renew every year or get disconnected from
the internet if I run late? or is it pay once and its your box (ala pix)??

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