Re: Trackers Second Review Response

From: Nicholas Suan (
Date: 10/05/03

Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 07:20:16 +0000 (UTC)

"Zarggg" <> wrote in

>> yuh indeed, and for anyone wondering ADSL is Asymetric Digital
>> Subscriber Line. (sp) But some wireless devices are talked about as
>> having "line". Just a question anyway, cuz I dont considered wireless
>> or sat to be dsl :P
> s/Asymetric/Asynchronic

Uh, ANSI calls it Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line. So does the ITU, and
every ISP I know that provides it.

> Hate to nitpick, but I work for an ISP; this bugs me. ADSL (Asynchronic
> Digital Subscriber Line) has different upload and download bitrates, as

That would make it asymmetric.

> opposed to SDSL (Synchronic Digital Subscriber Line), which has the same
> upload and download bitrates. :P