Re: Trackers Second Review Response

From: Frank Slootweg (
Date: 10/02/03

Date: 02 Oct 2003 14:03:13 GMT

Mimic <> wrote:
> "W. Blevins" <> wrote in message
>> On Thu, 2 Oct 2003 01:27:41 +0100, "Mimic" <> wrote:
>> >Tracker, consider me a newbie, a new computer user, how does cable and
> dsl
>> >work if you dont have a phone line ?
>> Only DSL requires a phone line.
> We generally dont do cable over here, but i thought the Cable line brought
> in the Phone and the TV and the Net, wouldnt you class that as internet over
> the phone line ?even if they are on different "channels"

  No, it's Internet over a cable TV line. Phones have nothing to do with
it. (There are cable setups which *also* carry phone signals, but that's
another story.)

  So I'm afraid you've given Tracker some *positive* feedback! :-)

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