Re: Linux Firewall/NAT replacement for Linksys BEFSR41

From: Skylar Thompson (
Date: 06/22/03

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 21:23:36 GMT

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 06:12:26 GMT, Wolf <> wrote:
> Can a Linux Firewall/NAT solution be used as an easy and compatible
> replacement for an existing BEFSR41? (Just NAT, Firewall, VPN,
> Forwarding support.)
> Any caveats?

Personally, I find iptables to be rather hard to configure. I use NetBSD on
a machine for a gateway, and it does firewalling, SNAT, and DNAT. The rules
are much simpler and easier to use, and NetBSD uses less resources to boot.

-- Skylar Thompson (