From: Socratez (
Date: 06/21/03

Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 06:47:25 GMT

I am currently debating what type of firewall to use at my home. I want
first a NAT/Firewall as an internet gateway and that is my main concern. I
have an AMD K6-2 500MHz 192MB Ram (2MB for Video), 10MBps SCSI card, 2.1GB
drive, and 3 Intel pro 100 ehternet adapters. I have a cable internet link
which uses dhcp so i will need a dynamic client on the machine for external
SSH connectivity. I would like to do caching-nameserver with it as well
just to help performance a bit. I use linux (Install,Desktop/Workstation)
User) but I am not fimiliar with the firewalling or gateway setups. I have
never used BSD, and i have had some light Solaris experiance. I am
wondering is there anything that can be recommmended for my needs?!??!

Thanks A Million,

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