Date: 06/20/03

Date: 20 Jun 2003 13:03:15 -0400

>None of which you offer is from you first! In fact *EVERYTHING* you
>recommend has been taken from other sources and regurgitated and fed
>through some sort of translator device. Usually the results are
>inaccurate, and/or misleading, and/or make no sense what so ever.
>Sometimes the words of wisdom you offer will actually do harm to the
>system in question! Maybe it's just me, but IMHO this is not helping

I wholeheartedly agree. And I guess your lawyer didn't tell you that you will
be facing many lawsuits when someone tries your misleading advice and
trashes their computer. This book is slanderous and you will indeed be
facing multi-million dollar lawsuits I am sure of it. You can just put
out a book and make up ridiculous claims. My favorite one os when a hecker
changes your daylight savings time on your PC. I still would like to know
one reason why anyone would do this. Sounds like a kindergarten prank.

Computers are like air conditioning.
Neither one works when you open windows.

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