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Date: 06/13/03

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 05:32:24 +0200

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On torsdag 12. juni 2003 17:26 George Sarlas tried to express an opinion:

> I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good web filtering/blocking
> product for me. I am in a corporate environment (all Microsoft) with
> about 300 users. I currently use an HP SA3110 Firewall/VPN appliance.
> I want to set up some way to block access to certain web sites, and
> do basic reporting on web usage. I look into Websense, but it is more
> expensive than I had hoped. I think I'm leaning towards ISA Server.
> Any other suggestions out there? Thanks.

Try WebWasher. I've used it for some years, and is quite happy with it.
It is a webfiltering proxy, that I use to filter out ad's & anoying JAVA scripts & applets.
It also has the ability to block pages & entire domains.

It's free of charge for non-commercial use.

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