Re: Follow Up on Outpost Bashings

From: chrisclu (
Date: 06/10/03

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    Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 16:08:04 GMT

    "optikl" <> wrote in message
    > As a license holder for Outpost Pro, I thought I'd try version 2.0 and
    > out for myself if any of the rantings posted here have any basis at all.
    > I was using version 1.0, but uninstalled it months ago, to try another
    > product.
    > So as to minimize the impact for any potential negative experience, I
    > to install version 2.0 on a Sony Vaio laptop I seldom use, which runs
    > First, I uninstalled Kerio 2.1.5. Next, after rebooting, I installed
    > Outpost.
    > After adding the license information and rebooting, I noticed that the
    > system froze. I rebooted again and this time it continued without an
    > Outpost did alert me that it detected network activity (my cable
    > and asked requested I allow it to configure it.
    > After that, I noticed I could not connect to the net using a browser or
    > email client. All of the applications that could connect with the net were
    > in my partially allowed applications list. None showed as being blocked.
    > Viewer however, showed that netbios and internet connectivity was bothe
    > being allowed and blocked. Hmmmmm..... I deleted all of the apps in the
    > partially allowed list, rebooted and tried this again. While the Wizard
    > would ask to configure each app I tried, I could not connect. Unless, that
    > is, I choose the "allow most" mode.
    > Checking out the FAQ's at Anitum's site, I find nothing that references
    > this.
    > Moving on to the user forum, I notice that a number of users have this
    > problem with ME and it appears 98. While lots of suggestions appear on how
    > to resolve it, I didn't see any success stories. Maybe I didn't look hard
    > enough?
    > Anyway, I emailed Agnitum support last evening and did receive an
    > acknowledgement, immediately.
    > This morning I did receive a reply from Agnitum support, but they didn't
    > appear to offer any help. They asked for information I essentially
    > last evening.(Maybe this is a "language" issue?) I replied again and
    > see how this goes.
    > So, based on this limited information, I will make some observations:
    > 1) It appears there are some technical issues on some OSes that have yet
    > be resolved.
    > 2) Agnitum support does respond to emailed requests for help
    > 3) The support forum does try to offer assistance to those willing to seek
    > it out
    Thanks optikl,
    That's what George and I said a long time ago (points 2 and 3) and were
    labeled shills because of it. That's the whole argument. Anonymous said that
    Agnitum gives no support except through the users forum. We said they do (as
    you found to be true) and somehow we're the bad ones.
    I'm on win98. My workaround was to turn off automatic network detection. No
    problems since. BTW the work around for the app blocking is to delete the
    modules.ini and modules.0 files in the Outpost firewall folder. New ones
    will be created.

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