Re: SonicWALL Firmware Version

From: Errol Holt (
Date: 05/28/03

Date: 28 May 2003 12:44:17 -0700

"Bill Somerville" <> wrote:
> The issue seems to be that the "2" series devices have less memory, so when
> they add lots of new features (as they have recently) it has the effect of
> reducing the available memory, which limits the number of connections, for
> instance.

I completely understand the memory limitations
of earlier units. I do not, however, see how
this should preclude SonicWALL from making repairs
to earlier firmware releases.

> It might be nice if they made the firmware more modular, so you
> could exclude parts you don't need, but that isn't in the cards - they'd
> prefer you upgrade to the "3" series

Do you believe SonicWALL would intentionally avoid
making modular firmware so as to force their customers
to replace fairly recent SonicWALL firewalls?

>(which, admittedly, they often make it fairly attractive to do).

How do they do this?

> So, if you are satisfied with staying at a less current firmware revision,
> you can keep your "2" for some time. If you insist on upgrading to new
> firmware, you are on a path to a hardware upgrade as well.

I am satisfied with their "2" series devices.

BTW, Do you have any ideas on what a used
SonicWALL TELE2 should cost these days?

> BTW, I've upgraded from a SOHO/10 (1998) to a SOHO2/10 (2000) to a SOHO3/25
> (w/VPN; 2002), so I've been assimilated. The good news is that I could
> remain at forever and be fairly happy.

I can certainly understand the upgrade from
10 users to 25 users and the addition of VPN,
but what was the motivation behind the SOHO/10
to SOHO2/10 upgrade?

You must be very satisfied with SonicWALL's
products and services if you have upgraded
their units this frequently.

I hope that I will be able to say that I am
just as satisfied with their products in the

The recent introduction of a brief (12 month)
firmware upgrade policy, however, does not bode
well for their future reputation.

What firmware upgrade policy would you expect
from a reputable security vendor that you would
normally consider to be "righteous" or fair?

> "Errol Holt" <> wrote:
> > This is the second warning I have received
> > regarding the SonicWALL "2" series devices
> > (SOHO2 & TELE2).
> >
> > Specifically, I was told to avoid both the
> > SOHO2 & TELE2 units because SonicWall has
> > supposedly limited their functionality when
> > it comes to firmware updates as compared to
> > the newer SOHO3 & TELE3 models.
> >
> > Ironically, my principal interest in the older
> > SonicWALL series 2 devices has been their
> > coverage under the traditional "lifetime"
> > firmware update policy.
> >
> > SonicWALL, unfortunately, now limits firmware
> > updates to a very brief 12 months. This policy
> > was debuted with SonicWALL's series 3 devices.
> >
> > Any comments from the SonicWALL crowd?

> > Rob <> wrote:
> > > Supposedly only a "problem" on the 2-series of Sonicwalls (TELE2,
> > > SOHO2).
> > >
> > > It will work fine, but because of the larger memory footprint, you're
> > > limited on the number of filters and VPN's.
> > > I can see the end coming near for upgrades in the 2-series soon...

> > > On 18 May 2003 Errol Holt wrote:
> > > >Are there any known issues with SonicWALL Firmware Version
> > > >
> > > >Thanks in advance!