Re: Use a firewall ... go to jail - from The Register

From: David (
Date: 03/29/03

From: "David" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 05:46:53 GMT

Tx. "relating to the criminal and civil consequences of conduct
involving the theft of or tampering with certain communication or

Ma. "Whoever, with intent to defraud"

Each piece of proposed legislature pertains to the above respective
statement as well as other similar stipulations so don't take them out of
context. And the mass. one is an amendment to another bill. Read each draft
in their entirety and you will realize the intent of the legislation. Poorly
written as many drafts are but they are usually better refined along the

So it is only using such means to commit specific crimes. When you only read
the snippets from some journalist, or listen to the "english and journalism
majors" on TechTV you will end up taking it all out of context as they have.