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From: Brainfried Sysadmin (
Date: 03/26/03

From: "Brainfried Sysadmin" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 06:47:27 GMT

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 23:22:48 -0500, Robert R Kircher, Jr. wrote:

> "Larry" <> wrote in message
>> Calling all experts!
>> Here is my situation... My parents just got themselves a PC and they
>> are quite the novice when it comes to the computer. What I'd like to
>> do is set up a program on their computer so I can remotely access it
>> (like PCAnywhere) from mine to avoid a 90 minute drive every time there
>> is a problem! :-)
>> My setup: Win2K Pro, Cable access, Netgear RT314, Zone Alarm Pro Their
>> setup: Win2K Pro, dial up access via NetZero
>> Any ideas as to the best software to do the job? Freeware, shareware,
>> paidware, etc. Doesn't matter. Just looking for something that will
>> work.
>> Thanks mucho!
> Your best bet, IMO, is to upgrade to WinXP Pro on both PCs or WinXP Pro
> on you parents PC and the RDC software on your PC. XP Pro has remote
> desktop sharing included. XP Home includes only the client where XP Pro
> includes the client and host. If you choose this route you'll need to
> port forward 3389 from the router to the host you wish to access. You'll
> also have to allow port 3389 traffic in and out in ZA
> There is also VNC. It's freeware but I've found it's performance to be
> lacking. I believe it works on port 5800 in and out.
> Of course there is also PC Anywhere.
> --
> Rob
>> Larry
I agree with this post. I'd like to add and comment about a few things.

RDC would be best as far as speed is concerned, but you may encounter
problems doing certain activities like installing software on the target
machine. RDC may be better than Terminal Services, but I was unable to
install MS Office using Terminal Services. For RDC, allow port 3389 TCP
and UDP access. TCP does the control part and visuals and UDP passes the

Remote sessions are NOT the same thing as remote control. You could run
into gotchas due to quirky Registry restrictions.

Try out VNC first. VNC is multi-platform and I use it
for Windows and Linux. The port used varies with what you're trying to
control, but for Windows users, port 5900 is used for the VNC client
access and port 5800 is used for a web client access. You can remote
control a VNC server from a web browser like this:
http://servernameorIP:5800. It uses Java. (no need to install the VNC
client) The only real problem I've ever encountered is when the screen
will not refresh correctly. This is especially true for one of my
machines that I remote control that runs terminal emulation software.
(PuTTY) This also happens when scrolling. Turning on Poll Full Screen
will probably solve the problem. You can also right click on the title
bar and click Request Screen Refresh.

VNC is very easy to set up, especially the latest version. PC Anywhere is
a little more involved, but does have more bells and whistles. PC
Anywhere isn't cheap either. I strongly advise you try VNC first. It is
probably all that you need.

Brainfried Sysadmin
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