Re: Kerio firewall rules disappear??

From: Omarę (
Date: 03/09/03

From: Omarę <>
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 22:51:51 -0500

Joe Canuck wrote:
> Steven L Umbach wrote:
> > Yes I did, but it refused to load - got an error message. I find it
> > alarming that it happened on two separate computers on two separate non
> > connected networks. A firewall does me no good if the rules vanish out of
> > the blue, but to be fair to Kerio it may be a problem with my configuration.
> > I plan to continue using it for now while monitoring the situation
> > urther.. -- Steve
> Okay, I just had the same thing happen to me.
> Here is the series of events:
> (1) Saved rules in the Misc tab to file "persfw.conf".

Joe that is the problem, when you do save the rules use any other
name like joepersfw.conf and it will work.
It appears the persfw.conf is the blank default name for the program
and any time you save to it goes blank again.
It happened to me and that is how I solved the problem.
Good luck

> (2) Viewing the rules from the Advanced button in Firewall tab.
> (3) Made several changes I wanted to backout so in the Misc tab clicked
> on Load and used file "persfw.conf".
> (4) Back in Advanced all rules are now gone and I have a blank screen.
> The firewall was active at the time. A fair bit of configuration effort
> on my part gone as well.
> From what I have read the rules are stored in file "persfw.conf".
> I am speculating that perhaps it is an illegal operation, even though
> Kerio lets you do it, to explicitly save the rules in the Misc tab to
> "persfw.conf". Kerio perhaps takes care of this itself automatically
> when a new set of rules are imported/created.