Re: Norton hell! Firewall and NAV slowing my Internet connection

From: Craig (
Date: 02/26/03

From: "Craig" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:42:10 GMT

"Staffan Nilsson" <> wrote...

> ZA and NAV2003 play very well together on my computer (WinXP, Athlon
> 1800+, 512Mb), with no loss of speed. The combination of ZA and McAfee
> however should be avoided at all cost, since that combination seems to
> make the computer instable
> Jeff Wilson wrote:
> > OK..plesae try and follow this. I have Win98SE and had ZoneAlarm
> > running. All was good. I got NAV 2003 and as soon as I installed it my
> > net connection speed ground to a halt (I have a cable modem). So I
> > uninstalled ZA and bought Norton Personal Firewall 2003, thinking that
> > Norton will play with Norton well. Was I wrong!! Same problem and
> > Norton "support" is horrid. If I disable the firewall I am fine, but
> > the problem started after installing the NAV, so I dont know which is
> > causing the problem. Anyone ever hear of this?? Thanks for ANY HELP
> > that anyone can give!

  I have two systems, both Win98SE, and use NAV2003 and ZAP. They all work
well, especially with the newest version of ZA[P] of a week ago or so. I
also have cable modem access and network the two PCs to the internet
through a Linksys router. I wonder if some of the problems people are
seeing with cable modem internet and software firewalls slowing the
computer to a crawl is due to the workload of the software firewall
fending off many intrusions. If so, adding a hardware router with some
"firewall" aspects to serve as a the first line of defense, may really
improve things. The router can stop many intrusions to your PC without
bogging down your computer's resources. There are many times during the
day that I see my modem very active even though my PC isn't doing anything
online. All this activity makes it to my router but doesn't get passed
through to reach a PC.

  Being a relative novice at this stuff, be gentle when you tell me I'm
all wrong...

Craig Williams