Re: The Firewall's A Dud?

From: JR (
Date: 01/04/03

From: "JR" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 10:09:48 -0500

<F-Y-I> wrote in message
> Duane -
> For this Newbie ... what does NAT and SPI mean. I have seen this in
> this NG but never explained.
> tia
> On Sat, 04 Jan 2003 06:49:44 GMT, "Duane Arnold" <>
> wrote:
> >> But I got the idea to test the
> >> system using Sygate's scanning programs from the Sygate website
> >
> >If those ports are *closed*, that's 'really all that counts. If you're
> >talking about being stealthed, it's a bunch of crap from a software
> >perspective.
> >
> >If you truly want to be stealthed, then get a NAT router with SPI and get
> >behind it. And then your machine is stealthed.
> >
> > > IDS programs
> >
> >And may I ask what IDS program you're using?
> >
> >Duane :)
> >
SPI - Stateful Packet Inspection, invented by Checkpoint is a firewall
architecture that keeps track of requests made by the user. To really over
simplify it, if you wanted to check your hotmail account, your machine would
send out a request to port 80 from a port above 1023 on your
machine. The SPI firewall will only allow back in, a request from
through the same temporarily opened port (above 1023).

NAT - Network Address Translation is where an internal network address is
translated to an external address. The internal address can be in the
private address ranges, and translated to one or more valid external IPs,
depending on the type of NAT used.


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