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Date: 09/24/02

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 03:16:05 -0400

>I wouldn't agree it's a victimless crime from the point of view the IE
>"mess" creates uncertainty and other more practical costs. I also think it's
>fairly clear how well IE and other browsers support the standards and how
>much they encourage incompatibility within the medium of the web.

I dunno when it's ever going to sink in with these people. M$ even
took Java and tried to make it proprietary! They were sued and

M$ hasn't complied with the DOJ's orders to unbundle the applications
it has been ILLEGALLY DUMPING onto the market via Windows. This would
not be a problem if M$ wasn't a monopoly. You know that's the whole
problem with monopolies? When is it going to end?

I wouldn't complain if what M$ produced actually worked right, but IT
DOESN'T! M$ produces piles of shit that the rest of the industry must
deal with.

>>The reign of MS on the desktop has been very good for other software
>>authors in general. It would be a very bad thing for the software
>>industry if Linux ever became popular, IMO.
>Unity of platform has been bought at a price. As for Linux I would agree
>that as it stands at present it isn't ready for mass deployment.

It's getting very close. I think you'll see noticeable advancement
this year because Linux development has gotten some major financial

>much the zealots scream, unless they sort out internal organisation,
>software installation, user interface, and other issues, it will always be a

That's true. Seems like they're working on it though...