Re: Use of Outlook Express (Was: Re: Firewall Setup Query)

From: svek (
Date: 07/31/02

From: svek <>
Date: 31 Jul 2002 10:13:32 GMT

"Berk S. Daemon" <> wrote in

> Lots of retarded anti_anything_not_Linux people out there - sad, very
> sad, but true!
> So long as it's a MS product there'll always be a loser to comment on
> idiocy issues.

I'm sorry to say this but I am not anti everything that is not linux yet I
hate to see people make false claims.
btw, why aren't you using your superior OS to post to usenet?

> I myself much prefer OE NNTP UI over others, and I won't change for
> anyone - even the mentally challenged such as svek.

oh yeah, your retorics seems very much to be the one of someone who is
working... I was going to say with "computer security" but I don't actually
believe you are working at all. :)

> That would be like saying, you mind as well use Slackware instead of
> OpenBSD when comes down to raw security. Slackware (not to diss it,
> good as a desktop OS, or server of some type or another) is still
> Linux based. Linux is just a kernel and their goal is not security -
> so no, comparing OpenBSD / Slackware is like comparing svek to someone
> intelligent - two completely different things!

oh yeah, right, I forgot. BSD based systems has always been about security
hasn't it? well you better check your history ;)
I am still awaiting your explaination on how come openBSD has had more
security bugs than slackware reportet to securityfocus, if openBSD now is
so very much superior over slackware.

sure people can use pretty much any OS they want to but they shouldn't make
false claims about them. :)


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