Re: No attack = true stealth?

From: slow mongoose (
Date: 06/20/02

From: "slow mongoose" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 01:08:56 GMT

".." <> wrote in message
> Should I be concerned if I haven't been attacked at all since I installed
> Pro 2002 and closed the last opening UPNP port? No, not even 1 single
> "visitor" in 24 hrs! I used, pcflank and sygate to scan my ports
> they all said my PC is stealth and the firewall is very aggressive. I'd
> be paranoid than to have a false sense of security.

A good question!! (that I can't answer--sorry!)....
I installed a new firewall last Friday and have the same
situation as yourself --- no attacks at all!!
Makes you wonder what's happening-- or not happening
for that matter!!

I also ran the Shields Up! and closed off ol' sly port 5000-- makes you feel
good to be in stealth mode (although it only shows 10 ports), but you kind
feel "uneasy" if the evil ones NEVER attack-- just
doesn't seem right! {:-)

A false sense of security it could be.