Re: Question on firewalls

Date: 06/14/02

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 04:12:12 GMT

No, Blackice will generally only protect the sytem it's on. And it's not

Those saying so are basing their comments on heresay, rumor, ignorance, and
probably a downloaded pirate version off the web that's more than likely
already been infected with a trojan. If Blackice were such "crap", why would
big bad ISS have bought out lil' old Network Ice to gain their IDS

I have NEVER had one of my client's systems get "hacked" when running a
properly secured and setup server with Blackice installed. You should, of
course, have the "Server" version of Blackice installed on your server if
you're allowing any inbound services. It is much more robust than the
Defender (home user) version.

If you want to fully protect all the systems and have a management console,
ISS has enterprise level products but they're significantly more expensive.

You should look at a dedicated firewall to put between your DSL and network
and lose the ICS on the Win2k - now that's what I'd call "crap."

I would suggest something a little stronger than your run-of-the-mill home
user broadband router/firewall and maybe look at Sonicwall or Watchguard
Soho products. The Sonicwall Tele3 might be a bit small for you should you
suddenly get a few more systems, so look at the Soho3 model or the Wathguard
Soho or Soho/tc. Great little firewalls for small office users. Upgrades
such as VPN, Content Filtering, etc. are also available.

I prefer the Watchguard products but my experience has been with the
higher-end models. They offer some basic IDS protection and many built-in
options like "safe content' to block malicious types of content (vbs, exe's,
etc.). You have to actually put in the permits for things like pdf files,
zips, etc. to be able to access them.

"D" <> wrote in message
> I'm am a super newbie when it comes to computer networking, so I have a
> question.
> I have 5 computers all going through a DSL router to connect to the
> internet. One of the computers is acting as a server, running Windows
> I was wondering, if I installed BlackICE on the 2000 server, would it also
> protect the other four computers? What would be the easiest way to get
> protection on all the computers.
> Thanks for any help,
> -D