Re: Linksys BEFSR41, running cards at 100-full mode...

Date: 10/14/02

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:52:41 -0500

"David" <> wrote in message
> Jim,
> Let's look at the facts here.
> That particular router is advertised as a 10/100 switch so it SHOULD be
> to deal with both speeds. You said you have the latest firmware. You
> talk amongst any of your lan computers or with any single of your lan
> computers to the internet with 100m. Is this correct?

Yes, that's correct. If you just change one card to a fixed rate of 10-full
it'll start to see the internet, but won't see the other machines still.
They *all*
have to be on 10-full mode to see each other or for any of them to see the

Yet in 10m every one
> of your computers can talk to each other and they all talk to the
> If you can do what you need to in 10m all of your other networking
> must be correct .

Yes I know they are setup correctly, regardless of "someone elses" claims
that it's probably all setup wrong.

 Are all three computers using the same type(brand/model)
> of ethernet card?

I'm not 100% certain, but yes I *think* they are. They are all Aopen
cards, and two of them are identical. The third is newer, but may be
the same "model", but I'm not certain.

> Shut off DHCP on the router first. You're supposed to have it off with
> forwarding, it doesn't seem on the surface to be causing your problem but
> you never know. Some things interfere with others in mysterious ways
> problems that seem totally unrelated. In the router's help file this is in
> bold so it must be important for some reason.

I will try this. DHCP has *always* been on.

> If that doesn't solve your problem. I'm left thinking this:
> 1.If all your ethernet cards are the same brand. They might be
> with the router.
> 2. The router is defective and is unable to communicate with anything at
> 100m
> I suspect number 2. Duane may have hit it on the nose in the first place.

Thanks for your advice, I'm gonna look into this and do more


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