Re: Linux vs LinkSys 4 port Cable router

From: Sony Antony (
Date: 10/13/02

From: (Sony Antony)
Date: 12 Oct 2002 17:56:20 -0700 (uzon) wrote in message news:<>...
> i did the same thing you did a few months ago, and the linksys is
> holding up fine. it can port forward / block SYN floods, all the good
> stuff.
> and it can send logs to a system on your network via SNMP (i think.
> dont remember)

1. Does this mean that there has to be a MIB ( Managed information
base ) and SNMP trap listener in my computer so as to receive the
logs. ( I m positive that windows don t have SNMP services by default.
So how am I seeing the incoming logs in a windows based browser )
2. Are the logs stored in the Gateway RAM. ( If yes will it be flushed
if I turn off the router )
3. When I tried to access the incoming logs from 2 browsers running in
2 machines, I got the exact same info. So I can t see how SNMP is
coming in the picture.

4. Is SNMP an optional mechanism in addition to the web browser based


> i've put up snort inside my network and nothing came in through the
> linksys.
> be sure to download firmware updates from the linksys site. just like
> any other software, it has some holes (though not many).
> P.S. be sure to "block WAN request" in the advanced / filters menu. i
> think it's on by default.
> peace
> aaron