Re: Netscreen 5 login

Date: 06/28/02

Date: 27 Jun 2002 15:58:33 -0700

For what you're doing WINS may be overkill anyway. If you're just talking about
5 clients, you may want to consider using a HOSTS file instead. Make sure your
DHCP lease is configured long enough that your office PC's won't change IP's,
then at your home computer make an entry for each PC and it's IP (check the
hosts.sam file for the syntax)
Keep it simple, something like frontdesk backoffice

Even when it's done, you probably won't be able to browse. But if you know the
name of the share you want to access over the VPN, at that point you can map the
drive by unc by typing it \\frontdesk\share

As a final P.S. on windows 9x hosts is in your windows directory, on nt/2k/xp
it's in winnt\system32\drivers\etc

In article <adi0ut$bph$>, "Wolfgang says...
>specify on the client the WINS server in the company network, then it should
>"Huff" <> wrote in message
>> Not to sound like a TOTAL idiot, but I am running a small peer-to-peer
>> network with no dedicated server. How would I go about setting up WINS
>> to handle this? Or is there a better way?
>> Thanks,
>> Jim
>> "Derek Nash" <> wrote in message
>> > Name Resolution. Try manually configuring your WINS & DNS server
>> > on your home PC.
>> >
>> > "Huff" <> wrote in message
>> >
>> > > I have a Netscreen 5 at my office ( NAT/ with IP's in the
>> > > range Subnet ) and Netscreen remote at
>> > > home ( version 5.0.2 / IP set to / subnet
>> > > ). I can connect to the Netscreen 5 ok( I get the green
>> > > light and key on my task bar) and I can ping local IPs on my office
>> > > network. My problem is that I can't see any computers in the Network
>> > > Neighborhood. I am running Windows 2000. Any suggestions on what is
>> > > missing?
>> > > Thanks in advance for any input.
>> > > Jim