Re: Sygate Personal Firewall 5.0.1113 + Windows XP Pro = No Network???

From: TOYOTA MR2 (
Date: 04/30/02

From: "TOYOTA MR2" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 07:54:07 +0100

Right click Sygate icon and click on Options

Check those boxes there, READ the description there, see what solution would
satisfy u. When u find it leave it at that and click on OK.

Ur problem will be solved!!!

"Buford T. Justice" <> escreveu na mensagem
> I just found out how much XP's built in firewall sucks so I have been
> playing with ZoneAlarm, Tiny, and Sygate. I REALLY like Sygate out of all
> them, but I am having a problem using it with XP.
> I have it installed on my computer (the host) and my Internet (dial-up)
> works great, but the other computers on my network will not use the shared
> Internet connection and I cannot browse files shared on them. I looked at
> the IP addresses for them and it seems that they are not getting the
> IP addresses from DHCP on my computer. All have WinXP Pro.
> Does SPF get rid of the ability for computers on my network not to get IPs
> assigned by DHCP? Do I need to create a rule?
> Under the Network Neighborhood option in SPF, I have both boxes checked if
> anyone needs to know that. I currently have no idea how to get SPF working
> so that I have file sharing and shared Internet access.
> I have read that people have had problems with this on 98 and ME, but I
> seriously wonder if the ICS in XP is the same. It does want to use
> 192.168.0.X IP numbers, but the XP ICS is enabled on the actual Internet
> connections whereas 98 and ME require you to install a Windows component
> then enable it in Internet Explorer on the host machine then manually
> configure each IP address on the network since there is no DHCP.
> Also, what are these for...
> NT Kernel & System
> LSA Shell (Export Version)
> Generic Host Process for Win32 Services
> Application Layer Gateway Service
> NDIS User mode I/O Driver
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks In Advance,
> BTJustice